nothing left

What happened to the tax reduction concerning food and restaurant products / services here in Finland? As of July 1, 2010 taxation for restaurant and food products / services has been dropped from 22% to 13%. All larger markets were well beforehand informing consumers and even double tagging products with the valid and yet to come prices.

I consume a lot of coffee and spend quite a sum at Robert’s Coffee and usually would have a double cappuccino priced 3,40€ (price before July 1). I was pleased to notice that Robert’s Coffee dropped prices for coffee products in order to meet the new tax regulation. Restaurants, bars and food stores however are not required to do so!
But soon, well into August, I noticed something weird had hapened with my doubble cappuccino price – it was back at 3,40€. Why is that? I must admit I have been too lazy to follow food price fluxation, but this I noticed and was very annoyed with it. But since there is no real alternative I have to stick to Robert’s Coffee. I wonder how price development is elsewhere…


tax reduction?

nothing left of the tax reduction



~ by kurkista on 11/10/2010.

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