sweating in the fitness kickboxing class

After a week’s pause

you’d expect to be relaxed and fit to go again – even a tad harder. But no.
It was on the contrary more strenuous for during the week of holidays in Warsaw I much enjoyed (too much) sweets in my much appreciated coffee moments, not to mention the daily one or two beers – I usually have one or two on a weekend.
But what’s a holiday if not a break from every day life?

Anyhow, I am back on track and vigorously making sure my fitness class (and myself) gets what it deserves – a lot of exercises. I was already well warmed up after 2 hours in the univ. gym before I hit HMAC‘s mats.

Here are some takes from today’s (Monday evening’s) fitness kickboxing class.


hitting it good


iPhone’s HDR produces funny effects – here a roundhouse kick in progress


camera man getting carried away



knee to groin


Sweating guaranteed

and not just because of exhausting but simple striking / kicking combos but because of the exercises between combos and the hugely awaited =) final crossfitness like finale. For tonight I had planned 4 exercises (to be done with a partner). Each exercise took 45 seconds and the same person did all the 4 exercises in a row without pause; and only then roles are being changed.

1. crunches (first part of video clip)
2. left/right straight strike, two right leg roundhouse kicks and a push up (starting at 0:13)
3. more abs
4. roundhouse kicks (starting at 0:30)


~ by kurkista on 12/10/2010.

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