CycleChic or staged bike shot

Ever since my recent involvement with the concept of CycleChic I have been obsessed with bikes especially fixies. In fact I’ve been planning on buying a bike for the last 2-3 years, not just a bike, but a bike I could train with and so could come closer to my long-term dream – the triathlon. I know it’s going to stay a dream for various reasons, but buying such a bike would keep it alive.

Now those bikes cost – a lot. Too much for me. So I’ve started to look for alternative ones and in the course I’ve become very confused with the variety of options of urban street bikes, hybrids, cyclocrosses and what not… and thus come to the conclusion that there even with this vast choice is no suitable bike for me within my price range. So fixie it will be; and after the CycleChic happening in Helsinki a few weeks ago I got in (visible) touch with fixies and there light and simple appearance just blew me away. Well, fixies are not cheap either I had to realise after some research. It seems they are quite trendy at the moment and trendy stuff tends to be more expensive. Of course do-it-yourself is one option but I have two left hands and it just wouldn’t work.

So, I am going in circles here, no real conclusion after all. Of course I could always try to find a good used one, hmm, I need to dig deeper. Anyway, looking at bikes and their riders I’ve realised that bikes make a nice subject for photography and so I’ve tried to come up with my own pimped up version of CycleChic. At the moment I only have 3 shots.
This take is staged by our summer cottage in middle Finland, just in front of our self-made smoke sauna.The bike must be from the 80’s and a typical ladies’ ride.

CycleChic by the smoke sauna

self-portrait by the smoke sauna

This is my first photograph of sCycleChic series (staged CycleChic) using not my bike though but authentic clothes (true to the circumstances and location).

CycleChic by the lake

VT by the lake

Same day (as the previous one) same location in the afternoon with my mother and her very own bike. Now this is my very first photo of this series where everything is as I imagine it should be.

CycleChic by the sea

self-portrait by the sea

Her we are back in Helsinki (Vuosaari, Uutela) with my 2nd shot of the series where everything is as it should be – light control is not at it’s best here due to windy and cold conditions and me running back and forth adjusting camera, lights and modelling.

I’ve planned to continue this series and am currently looking for bikers to stand in front of my camera. I am still looking for the final look, still refining my style a bit but it’ll be surely in the same spirit: staged setting, selected environment but bike and clothing true to the biker’s normal habitus.


~ by kurkista on 15/10/2010.

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