coffee heaven, just a step away

Yesterday I was out for coffee for I had run out of it from both my daily and emergency refrigerator stash. I had for a few months now been using Paulig’s ground espresso which is ok and which easily produces an acceptable crema. But not really satisfied with it I went back to my old coffee supplier Kaffecentralen and was delighted to learn they had expanded and opened up a new shop closer to my working place. So after lunch I went to this the new place, a cosy and coffee smell filled caffeine paradise.

I quickly found my old favourite – Moak’s Servito – but struggling with my consciousness I had put the Servito back to the shelf and helped myself with an organic and fair trade espresso coffee (I don’t remember the name right now). For the old time’s sake I had a Moak’s Servito double cappuccino to go – and I must say it was mindblowing! Such a subtle and soft but firm and thick mix of crema and milk foam, just orgasmic to say the least.

Here’s the cup with a lovely floral pattern.

a double cappuccino from KaffeCentralen (19.10.10)

I have gathered here some coffe “mug shots” from this and the previous week’s cappuccino experiences. At the end of this entry you’ll find a short price list…

double floral pattern

a double cappuccino with complementary chocolate, from Robert's Coffee (14.10.10)

a single floral pattern

a double cappuccino from Robert's Coffee (18.10.10)

not really sure is this intentional or not

a double cappuccino from Robert's Coffee (19.10.10)

no pattern at all, not a necessity of course, but note the complementary chocolate here too!

a double cappuccino from Robert's Coffee (13.10.10)

a double cappuccino from Wayne's Coffee (14.10.10)

On prices and quality

As stated earlier I have my every day cappuccino at Robert’s, but last week I thought I might try Wayne’s double cappuccio. I should not have. The crema/milk foam had a very odd taste to it which overpowered the coffee flavour, I just simply could not taste the coffee because of the weird foam taste, no to mention the pathetic consistency of it – too light with too large air bubbles. And the price is just outrageous 4,20e for a double cappuccio, whereas the same costs at Robert’s Coffee (Kluuvi Centre) 3,40e still on the costy side and 2,50e at Kaffecentralen (Korkeavuorenkatu)!!!


~ by kurkista on 20/10/2010.

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