coffee heaven, just a step away

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Yesterday I was out for coffee for I had run out of it from both my daily and emergency refrigerator stash. I had for a few months now been using Paulig’s ground espresso which is ok and which easily produces an acceptable crema. But not really satisfied with it I went back to my old coffee supplier Kaffecentralen and was delighted to learn they had expanded and opened up a new shop closer to my working place. So after lunch I went to this the new place, a cosy and coffee smell filled caffeine paradise.

I quickly found my old favourite – Moak’s Servito – but struggling with my consciousness I had put the Servito back to the shelf and helped myself with an organic and fair trade espresso coffee (I don’t remember the name right now). For the old time’s sake I had a Moak’s Servito double cappuccino to go – and I must say it was mindblowing! Such a subtle and soft but firm and thick mix of crema and milk foam, just orgasmic to say the least.

Here’s the cup with a lovely floral pattern.

a double cappuccino from KaffeCentralen (19.10.10)

I have gathered here some coffe “mug shots” from this and the previous week’s cappuccino experiences. At the end of this entry you’ll find a short price list…

double floral pattern

a double cappuccino with complementary chocolate, from Robert's Coffee (14.10.10)

a single floral pattern

a double cappuccino from Robert's Coffee (18.10.10)

not really sure is this intentional or not

a double cappuccino from Robert's Coffee (19.10.10)

no pattern at all, not a necessity of course, but note the complementary chocolate here too!

a double cappuccino from Robert's Coffee (13.10.10)

a double cappuccino from Wayne's Coffee (14.10.10)

On prices and quality

As stated earlier I have my every day cappuccino at Robert’s, but last week I thought I might try Wayne’s double cappuccio. I should not have. The crema/milk foam had a very odd taste to it which overpowered the coffee flavour, I just simply could not taste the coffee because of the weird foam taste, no to mention the pathetic consistency of it – too light with too large air bubbles. And the price is just outrageous 4,20e for a double cappuccio, whereas the same costs at Robert’s Coffee (Kluuvi Centre) 3,40e still on the costy side and 2,50e at Kaffecentralen (Korkeavuorenkatu)!!!


CycleChic or staged bike shot

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Ever since my recent involvement with the concept of CycleChic I have been obsessed with bikes especially fixies. In fact I’ve been planning on buying a bike for the last 2-3 years, not just a bike, but a bike I could train with and so could come closer to my long-term dream – the triathlon. I know it’s going to stay a dream for various reasons, but buying such a bike would keep it alive.

Now those bikes cost – a lot. Too much for me. So I’ve started to look for alternative ones and in the course I’ve become very confused with the variety of options of urban street bikes, hybrids, cyclocrosses and what not… and thus come to the conclusion that there even with this vast choice is no suitable bike for me within my price range. So fixie it will be; and after the CycleChic happening in Helsinki a few weeks ago I got in (visible) touch with fixies and there light and simple appearance just blew me away. Well, fixies are not cheap either I had to realise after some research. It seems they are quite trendy at the moment and trendy stuff tends to be more expensive. Of course do-it-yourself is one option but I have two left hands and it just wouldn’t work.

So, I am going in circles here, no real conclusion after all. Of course I could always try to find a good used one, hmm, I need to dig deeper. Anyway, looking at bikes and their riders I’ve realised that bikes make a nice subject for photography and so I’ve tried to come up with my own pimped up version of CycleChic. At the moment I only have 3 shots.
This take is staged by our summer cottage in middle Finland, just in front of our self-made smoke sauna.The bike must be from the 80’s and a typical ladies’ ride.

CycleChic by the smoke sauna

self-portrait by the smoke sauna

This is my first photograph of sCycleChic series (staged CycleChic) using not my bike though but authentic clothes (true to the circumstances and location).

CycleChic by the lake

VT by the lake

Same day (as the previous one) same location in the afternoon with my mother and her very own bike. Now this is my very first photo of this series where everything is as I imagine it should be.

CycleChic by the sea

self-portrait by the sea

Her we are back in Helsinki (Vuosaari, Uutela) with my 2nd shot of the series where everything is as it should be – light control is not at it’s best here due to windy and cold conditions and me running back and forth adjusting camera, lights and modelling.

I’ve planned to continue this series and am currently looking for bikers to stand in front of my camera. I am still looking for the final look, still refining my style a bit but it’ll be surely in the same spirit: staged setting, selected environment but bike and clothing true to the biker’s normal habitus.


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Just a quicky: had a double cappuccino and asked for an artsy final touch – so this is a photo with a double artsy touch…


sweating in the fitness kickboxing class

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After a week’s pause

you’d expect to be relaxed and fit to go again – even a tad harder. But no.
It was on the contrary more strenuous for during the week of holidays in Warsaw I much enjoyed (too much) sweets in my much appreciated coffee moments, not to mention the daily one or two beers – I usually have one or two on a weekend.
But what’s a holiday if not a break from every day life?

Anyhow, I am back on track and vigorously making sure my fitness class (and myself) gets what it deserves – a lot of exercises. I was already well warmed up after 2 hours in the univ. gym before I hit HMAC‘s mats.

Here are some takes from today’s (Monday evening’s) fitness kickboxing class.


hitting it good


iPhone’s HDR produces funny effects – here a roundhouse kick in progress


camera man getting carried away



knee to groin


Sweating guaranteed

and not just because of exhausting but simple striking / kicking combos but because of the exercises between combos and the hugely awaited =) final crossfitness like finale. For tonight I had planned 4 exercises (to be done with a partner). Each exercise took 45 seconds and the same person did all the 4 exercises in a row without pause; and only then roles are being changed.

1. crunches (first part of video clip)
2. left/right straight strike, two right leg roundhouse kicks and a push up (starting at 0:13)
3. more abs
4. roundhouse kicks (starting at 0:30)

nothing left

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What happened to the tax reduction concerning food and restaurant products / services here in Finland? As of July 1, 2010 taxation for restaurant and food products / services has been dropped from 22% to 13%. All larger markets were well beforehand informing consumers and even double tagging products with the valid and yet to come prices.

I consume a lot of coffee and spend quite a sum at Robert’s Coffee and usually would have a double cappuccino priced 3,40€ (price before July 1). I was pleased to notice that Robert’s Coffee dropped prices for coffee products in order to meet the new tax regulation. Restaurants, bars and food stores however are not required to do so!
But soon, well into August, I noticed something weird had hapened with my doubble cappuccino price – it was back at 3,40€. Why is that? I must admit I have been too lazy to follow food price fluxation, but this I noticed and was very annoyed with it. But since there is no real alternative I have to stick to Robert’s Coffee. I wonder how price development is elsewhere…


tax reduction?

nothing left of the tax reduction


CycleChic messenger was in Town

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On Saturday, September 25, 2010 Helsinki saw yet another Megapolis happening organised by NGO dodo ry. But on the eve of Megapolis a pre-Megapolis event was in store: the CycleChic blogger and messenger Mikael Colville-Andersen


CycleChic HKI

Mikael Colville-Andersen


was together with dodo hosting a biker meet up and checking out the local scene:


Cyclers in front of the Old Student Union House


After a brief chitchat the lot went cycling – to the close Lasipalatsi square where Mikael took some photos:


Mikael looking for the angle

Mikael looking for the angle


and some more of mine


CycleChic HKI 2

Smoking ladies...


and Mikael finalising this shot


bird's view

(spy) bird's view


pizza dough with alcohol

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The K food chain (more precisely City Market) has ready pizza dough with alcohol.